Custom Framing Your Art Print

The site helps guide novices by suggesting mats and frames for each print. These choices can be used as is or for a starting point for further customization. Amanti Art uses only the finest materials and best equipment to build your custom framed wall art. Our quality meets or exceeds what you would get at your local frame shop. For framing tips and suggestions, be sure to see our framing tips blog.

Using our Frame Shop

We know how much value a well made piece of framed art can add to your home or office and aim for zero defects in all stages of building your custom framed item. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you want to return your purchase.

Watch a video on using our site and frameshop

Select a print to frame

Browse the site using any of the links in our top nav bar or left nav bar on the home page to find a print that you would like to frame. Of course you can also search for the art print (by title or keyword) or artist you are looking for. For help and suggestions on choosing prints, be sure to see our decorating tips.

Designer Recommendations

To see our designer recommended mats and frames for the print either click on the image or click on the "Designer Picks" link. You will be shown 4 recommended items, ready to be added to your shopping cart. If you want to choose a different mat or frame for the print, click on the "Frame Shop" button (you can go directly to the frameshop from the search results by clicking 'Custom Frame It').

Frame Shop options

On the top right of the Frame Shop you will see the following tabs: "Crop & Size", "Pick Frame", "Pick Mat" and "Glazing". On each of these tabs the image and details on the left will be shown along with options to Magnify the item, add it to your gallery or to the shopping cart.

Crop & Size Tab

This is the 'tab' you will start on. Many of our prints come in multiple sizes and you will select a size here if available. The image dimensions and finished size with current cropping, frame and mat dimensions are displayed. Click on the "Show Cropping Tool" link if you want to trim the image to a particular size.

Pick Frame Tab

This tab is where you will choose a different frame. Frames are categorized by several factors (color, size, rustic, etc.) chosen with the drop down list. The default selection is "Designer Picks" frames. For tips on choosing a frame, be sure to see our blog post.

Pick Mat Tab

This tab allows you to choose up to 3 mats for the item. We recommend two mats for most pieces (Top and Bottom). As you make changes the image will update to reflect your choice. You can also choose a different mat width. For tips on choosing mats, be sure to see our blog post.

Glazing Tab

We offer several acrylic and glass choices for glazing. Not all choices are available for every print (we don't offer glass for larger items), but only available choices will be shown.

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